Sunday, 12 February 2017 dah semakin bosan?

Assalamualaikum. :)

Hi peeps! Okay nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu pulak kali ni.
So nak tulis pasal blogger dah semakin bosan saban hari. huhu
(inilah realitinya)

Tak tahu la samaada fiqa yang makin busy or dashboard blogger yang baru ni yang semakin leceh.
Dulu, senang je nak tengok reading list dan notification baru (comment baru etc).
Sekarang leceh kena tekan satu2 kalau tak memang tak perasan. Nak bukak public comment without approval nanti anonymous komen banyak2 spam URL tah pape last2 blog kena block. So... terpaksa pasang pending approval, tapi tula, tak perasan pun kalau ada komen baru. hmm

Selain dashboard yang semakin menyusahkan, blogwalking pun dah semakin kurang sekarang.
Zaman 2012-2014 dulu seingat fiqa, macam banyak kumpul kawan blogger.
Kawan blogger meriah sangat, siap tukar2 kad raya. Time birthday, siap dapat hadiah lagi (sanggup depa post tu ke alamat rumah fiqa, terharu ihiks).

Sekarang ni macam krik krik je. Ke sebab fiqa yang jarang bukak blog or publish post kat sini?
Erm, entahlah. Apa pendapat korang?


Nota kaki:
Esok dah naik semester baru, so jawabnya selepas ini bersawang lagi blog ni. Sem last, fyp woo fyp woo busy woo. T^T

Bagaimana nak "MOVE ON"?

Assalamualaikum. :)

Hi peeps! So today I want to share how to move on from your past lover. It doesn't matter if he/she is your ex or your crush, or you get rejected (just like my previous article). Since I explain it just like "MOVE ON" before, you guys might be wonder how?

So I want to explain it in Kpop style through song. I explain the stage first (based on my experience) which in the number while you can understand it more while listening to the song I recommended. It really interesting when I going through the lyrics. You guys can turn on "CC" to understand the lyrics. Enjoy!

4 Stages to Move ON
1. You will throw anger towards him/her and you feels broken inside out. Just seeing your lover bad side will make you go insane and want to move on so much. "Congratulations" for cheating on me yeah (If she/he cheat on you). Or "Congratulations" for rejected me (for your crush tho).

2. Next, you letting go. You might cry hard in this stage. You will think you are not good enough and think too much of him/her. "Letting go" doesn't mean you lose. "Letting go" mean you are ready to be happy without him/her anymore in your life.

3. In the third stage, you might reconsider him/her back to your life. You will miss the moment, you will think of waiting for them to come back. "I wait" for you even though I know you will not come again to me. You wait.. and time will help you heals your broken heart. 

4. In this last stage you finally can accept the fate. You will keep nice memory and move on. You now can say your ex is beautiful or handsome. You wish for their happiness and you don't resent them anymore. Accepting and move on in this stage is really hard to achieve, only people with strong heart can endure it. Yeah, and believe that you are very matured to handle break up or rejection!


So end of my lecture (haha).
 So how about you, have you move on yet?  

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Cinta kena "reject", bagaimana nak atasinya?

Assalamualaikum. :)

That's the only way.
Remember, good things always come late. 
Every person who hurt you will make you closer to someone that will really appreciate you.


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